Complex exhibition project Golden Autumn for Moscow City Government

Клиент: Moscow City Government

Площадь: 420 sq.m

Площадка: VDNKh

Год: 2016

Description of project

The “Design Dossiers” team has carried out scaled work of Moscow Government exhibition boost creation for the Moscow agro-industrial exhibition “Golden autumn”

What was the amount of the work carried out by different departments of the “Design Dossiers” team?

  • We have developed the concept and the design of the exclusive two-level multimedia boost having the area of 420 sq.m. , including the exposition zone and the technical room.
  • We have developed the exclusive software, multimedia interactive content for each zone of the boost.
  • We developed the design and produced polygraphs and promotional merchandising  materials;
  • During two days we carried out the complex construction, multimedia equipment set up and the software setting, developed exclusively for this project.
  • During all days of the exhibition we carried out the technical support and the whole organization maintenance.

What was the boost design concept? Our main goal was to show the strategic direction of Moscow Government in the annual arranging of seasonal festivals and funfairs in Moscow through the design solutions. Four arches have become the symbol of modern Moscow, they differed from each other in their color solutions, corresponding to the seasons.

The arches unified the space visually and at the same time they divided it into 4 zones, corresponding to the seasons. The design solution of each zone also depended on the visual and color reflection of the Moscow seasons concept.

Multimedia interactive content was also integrated into each zone.

For example, in the spring zone of the café you could put on VR glasses and find yourself into different Moscow restaurants, watch the 360 degrees video. For example, you could watch the swans while sitting on the terrace of the restaurant in the Patriarshy ponds or to get a bird’s eye view of Moscow. And at the bar counter the diligent robot Kuka treated the guests with the legendary cake “Moscow”.

In the summer zone there was an interactive multimedia game table: the visitors could work the way of a Russian farmer from a regional funfair or a festival participant to a large retail-chains supplier in a game form.

The autumn zone attracted the biggest amount of the guests due to an interactive amusement with the augmented reality and the photomechanics use.

The exhibition boost was included into the official support program of  Russia’s Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev.

Design concept



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