Complex Exhibition project Gidroaviasalon-2018

Клиент: Minisrty of Industry and Trade Russia

Площадь: 18000 sq.m.

Площадка: Beriev Aircraft company a UAC company

Год: 2018

Description of project

In September 2018 at the “Gidroaviasalon” international expo, our company created architectural concept, space-planning solution and provided complex construction services for the event at the space of 18000 sq.m.

What have we managed to do? We:

  • developed the creative conceptual foundation and signature style of the event;
  • created a general visual and image solution for the event;
  • built a 1800 m2 congress center, in which the “Digital Industry” exhibition, conference halls and press office were located;
  • developed the planning solution;
  • created 3D models, scale models and visualizations;
  • provided architectural supervision on the project;
  • developed navigation systems for the event;
  • helped more than 40 companies present their new digital products in the pavilion;
  • provided complex technical facilities for the exhibition;
  • developed an official Gidroaviasalon‘s mobile app called “IntellektPro”;
  • organized and implemented a large-scale business program. More than 200 speakers including world-famous experts have taken part in more than 65 events. About 2500 audience members participated in the business program events.

The 12 International expo took place in pavilion D.  To provide comfortable working conditions for specialists, we have developed and built a 1800 m2 Congress-center for the “Digital Industry” expo with plenary and conference halls and a press office.

More than 40 companies have presented their newly-designed digital products in our pavilion.




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