Exclusive Exhibition Stand for Mosinzhproekt at Moscow Urban Forum-2017

Клиент: Mosinzhproekt Holding

Площадь: 176 sq.м.

Площадка: VDNH

Год: 2017

Description of project

A complex exhibition project for the Mosinzhproekt Holding was fulfilled by the Design Dossier team members in connection with Mosinzhproekt participation in the largest International Congress – the Moscow Urban Forum-2017. The Forum was held in July at VDHKh Pavilion 75.

We were entrusted with the task of showcasing the main tracks in the company’s business, underscoring its market position as the leader of Moscow’s construction market and the largest engineering holding, likewise highlighting its key development projects.

While we created an architectural solution of the stand, we proceeded from the premise that the most critical development project carried out by Mosinzhproekt in 2017 was the Zaryadye landscape park.

The shape of the two-story stand is a replica of the silhouette of the would-be Zaryadye sight – the hovering bridge – a new sky deck in the center of Moscow.

Conceptually, the inspiration for the stand was based on the creation of several functional areas, which were planned to be visited by the Urban Forum guests as if there were strolling along in the city accommodating a lot of Mosinzhproekt projects.  

The following projects implemented by Mosinzhproekt were systemized and represented in the form of various installations at the stand:

  • Construction of the Zaryadye Park;
  • Planning and Construction of the Passenger Transfer Hubs and Metro Stations;
  • Construction of Tunnels;
  • Refurbishment of the Luzhniki Grand Sports Arena.

The Metro Engineering area was embodied in the form of a tunnel featuring concrete vaults made of slabs into which a video screen was integrated along the tunnel crown. The screen was equipped with motion sensors to enable the content developed by our team members to respond to the emergence and movement of visitors in that area. All that, alongside the thematic background sound served to create an appropriate atmosphere and dynamics with the end result of attracting greater public attention.

The staircase leading to the second level was styled to imitate the escalator steps. Going up the staircase, you could find yourself in the VIP-zone with panoramic views in all directions of the exhibition pavilion. We organized an open meeting room and a coffee lounge area with couches and a bar counter.

The exclusive exhibition stand for the Mosinzhproekt Holding was included in the list of segments due to be visited by the Moscow Government officials, it was also a major attraction for the Forum attendees and guests.

Design concept



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