MOS 003

Exclusive exhibition project Mosinzhproekt, MUF-2019

Клиент: Mosinzhproekt

Площадь: 105 sq.m.

Площадка: Concert Hall Zariadye

Год: 2019

Description of project

We designed and ran  four large-scale exhibition projects this year at the Moscow Urban Forum. One of them was an exclusive booth for our longstanding client – the “Mosinzhproekt” holding group.

The holding group was presenting the most ambitious program of subway development in the whole of Europe, so we devised an innovative exhibit allowing visitors the chance to get inside a metro tunnel, run a metro train with the help of a console, and check out the new “Nizhegorodskaya” metro station on the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line, which will be opened very soon.

Beside the multimedia game, there was an interactive online-map of the tunnels on the Bolshaya Koltsevaya line (the Big Belt line).

Mosinzproekt’s booth was included on Moscow’s Mayor Sergey S. Sobyanin’s must-visit list.

The whole scope of work performed by our company included:

  • a design concept for the booth;
  •  comprehensive development;
  • creating the video content (videos, interactive presentations, 3D imaging);
  • interactive installations and multimedia game development;
  • software development;
  • technical and supervisory support during the whole forum.




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