Exclusive exhibition stand Mosinzhproekt, “ArchMoscow” Expo

Клиент: Mosinzhproekt

Площадь: 40 sq.m

Площадка: Gostinyy dvor, Moscow

Год: 2020

Description of project

At «ARCH Moscow» exhibition for architecture and design we created a customized booth for Mosinzhproekt Holding.
The straightforward fenceless zoning of the glass booth includes several functional areas, unified by thematic architectural solutions and demonstrating the construction stages of the Big Circle Line (BCL).
The interactive glass installation contains a map of Moscow Underground System where one can take a photo and turn it into a souvenir magnet.
For this project, we put together both creative and design concepts of the booth, did construction, installation and setup of multimedia equipment, as well as video production, 3d visualization and software development.

Design concept




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