Exclusive exhibition booth at the 8th Moscow Urban Forum for the Mosinzhproekt

Клиент: холдинг "Мосинжпроект"

Площадь: 144 кв.м

Площадка: концертный зал "Зарядье"

Год: 2018

Description of project

We created an exhibition booth  and provided technical equipment and support during the Moscow Urban Forum for the Mosinzhproekt Holding, who had commissioned us to develop exhibition solutions for it for several years.

The originality of the architectural concept was that the underlying visual idea was inspired by the image of a Metro Tunnel, and it was not accidentally so – the centerpiece of the exposition was focused on the Metro Engineering. If you use the touch-screen to manage the interactive installation, you can learn a lot about the construction technologies employed for the Moscow Metro stations and get more detailed information about the Metro stations.

To mark the 60th Anniversary of Mosinzhproekt, its exhibition stand featured a retrospective presentation of the major projects accomplished by the Holding and its fragship assets: the Luzhniki Stadium, the Helicon Opera, the Zaraydye Park and the exhibition site itself – the Zaryadye Park Concert Hall in Moscow. Each of the above projects was the theme of appropriate video material created by our team members.

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