Multipurpose Centers Palace at the VDNKh – our new project


Specialists of our company started the development and reconstruction of the 71st pavilion of VDNKh. Soon the Multipurpose Centers Palace will be opened there. According to the plans, the Multipurpose Centers Palace will include a flagship office of Public Services “My Documents”, a multi-purpose hall, a training center, an interactive area dedicated to the history of public services in Russia, a children’s area and a coffee shop.

Our task is to create a unique facility that will be the epicenter of information and latest technological trends, while maintaining the architectural integrity of the building.

Reconstruction and technical equipment of the building, which is the object of cultural heritage of federal importance, is a difficult and responsible task. On the one hand, it is necessary:

  • to create a harmonious space, combining areas different in their functionality; • to find a design solution of internal space, which is the most convenient for everyday work;
  • the 71st pavilion should become not only a convenient flagship office of Public Services, but also the epicenter of innovation solutions of the Moscow Government after the reconstruction;
  • interior of the building must meet the latest trends in architecture and be high-tech.

At the same time, the reconstruction should be organically combined with the architecture of the 54th year; it must complement and not contradict in style. During the project implementation, we will restore the historical appearance of the building.

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