Our values

Our mission

We contribute to the business development of our customers, presenting their services at the largest Russian and international exhibitions, conferences and forums, increasing the competitiveness and image of the customers and of our country on the world stage.

Our principles

  • professionalism,
  • creativity,
  • openness,
  • efficiency,
  • respect,
  • responsibility,
  • long-term cooperation,
  • full service – a full range of services.

Opportunities that we provide to our customers

  • Originality of design that meets marketing objectives, the company profile and activities. Our designers create exhibition and congress and forum solutions of different styles and trends that implement the customer’s marketing objectives.
  • Exclusivity. We individually develop each project. After analyzing goals and objectives of the customer, we offer unique solutions that guarantee the attraction of visitors to the exhibition stand and the customer’s event.
  • Functionality. We work on the design layout of exhibition stands, architectural solution of forums/congresses space so that every centimeter is involved in the interactive presentation of our customer’s services.
  • Complexity. We do not limit ourselves to the design development and construction. Thanks to our own production and the presence of various divisions, we are ready to take on the creation of interactive content, software; to organize and carry out the necessary promotional activity at exhibitions, forums and conferences.

Our values

  • Client. We value every customer and always work towards a result.
  • Personnel. We engage a team of professionals in different areas of the world level. We are a united team, aiming to achieve a common result.
  • Quality. We consider it our duty to achieve excellence in every project, constantly improving the quality of services provided.
  • Innovation. We constantly absorb advanced technology, and we are the first to apply them to solve problems of our customers. We create new ideas, use innovative solutions.
  • Responsibility for the result. We always fulfill our obligations to the customer. We create solutions that bring real benefits to customers.

The specificity of our work lies in the fact that we are able to harmoniously combine several companies-exhibitors/trends/technologies in a single exhibition space. While highlighting the individuality of stand-alone projects, we show them in the context of the overall design.

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