Complex exhibition project “Sochi-2015”

Клиент: Сочи-2015

Площадь: 150 кв.м.

Год: 2015

Description of project

Description of the project

A significant event in the life of our company was the International Economic Forum “Sochi-2015”, for which we created an exclusive exhibition stand of the Moscow City Government. A complex exhibition project “Business Jet” is dedicated to comfortable conditions that Moscow creates for investors. The stand was filled with a large number of multimedia objects to demonstrate the possibilities for investing in the development of industrial sites in the city.

On-line tools of interaction with the city authorities were also presented. The following was developed as part of the complex exhibition project:

  • unique software,
  • interactive layouts
  • animation videos showing the capabilities of the Investment Portal and Moscow Suppliers Portal.

The interactive layout based on cold superconductor technology attracted the attention of visitors and was marked by Chairman of the Russian Government Medvedev D.A.

Interactive layout is a new technological and entertaining way.


The combination of a physical layout and interactively managed multimedia content, integrated into a device for layouts, attracts the attention of visitors and brings the maximum of useful information to them in the shortest possible time.

An unusual appearance and dynamic of the interactive layout allow allocating it among the rest of the presented projects.

Design concept of the project


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