Exclusive exhibition project for Moscow City Government, MUF-2019

Клиент: Moscow City Government

Площадь: 35 sq.m.

Площадка: Сoncert hall "Zaryadye"

Год: 2019

Description of project

 An exclusive multimedia exhibition booth for the Mayor’s office and Moscow City Government at  the Moscow Urban Forum in  “Zaryadye” park was a very important project for our company.

The multimedia exhibition booth looked like a cube, made up of three levels.

The cube was activated by tablet and a mechanism driven by a pneumatic control platform opened the cube and showed two displayes on two different levels: the upper one was an interactive layout of Moscow, the lower one was the “My neighborhood” project.

Additionally, videos with infographics were displayed on the cube and on screens at the booth

The central zone was equipped with wall and floor-standing mirror screens. The ceiling was also mirroered and was used as an extra display.  We designed the video content bearing in mind that it is going to be reflected in mirrors to create a single image.

Our exhibition booth was included into Moscow Government ’s must-visit list.




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