Design of visual navigation systems

  • development of a navigation concept
  • design of navigation media
  • creation of navigation charts and 3D charts
  • development of navigation applications
  • development of layout plans for navigation media

Design Dossier Company implemented a number of projects to create visual navigation systems of different complexity. When ordering the development of a navigation concept from us, you will get a complete package of services and specialists of the highest category. Depending on customer needs, we develop a comprehensive conceptual navigation, design projects of individual signs.

What is a “visual navigation system design”?

Imagine you go to a large shopping center or a business center, where you have not been yet. Where to go? How to find a pavilion or office you are interested in? A common misconception that it is enough to design signs or signage and hang them on the walls leads to a massive inconvenience and dissatisfaction of visitors.

The convenience for visitors to find needed services, comfort of information receipt and, as a result, the loyalty and public opinion depend on the competent construction of outer or interior systems of visual navigation. The environment, to which a customer gets, is an integral visual component of the common brand identity. Creative and at the same time understandable solutions of navigation systems become an effective means of impact on the audience, strengthen brand image, increase its memorability.

Development of a design concept of the outer or interior navigation is one of the most important conditions for clear and smart organization of space.

The navigation system must harmoniously complement the interior. Visual navigation systems are the language, with the help of which the location/room conveys information necessary for orientation in space to visitors. Visual navigation should create a feeling of comfort, convenience and hospitality for visitors.

Environmental design is a complex process that involves not only designers, but also marketing experts, architects and engineers. The experience and knowledge of specialists of Design Dossier in the field of structures technology of different complexity enable us to offer comfortable and working solutions based on production constraints and space specifics.

Only a comprehensive and in-depth analysis, a detailed study of the unique navigation and orientation system with reference to the area or the interior – such a solution of the navigation problem is necessary today.

What tasks are included in the development process of a navigation project design?

  • analysis of the space, identifying problem areas;
  • analysis of the psychology of visitors;
  • definition of routes of visitors flows, taking into account dead zones of the object, by guiding them in the right direction using navigation media;
  • creation of a concept design based on the brand corporate identity;
  • preparation of photograph navigations and in-situ visualizations;
  • design of advertising and information structures in the most efficient places, based on the analysis.

We have an individual approach to each new project, we take into account the results of research and analysis of the object. This allows us to eliminate errors in the design of types and sizes of signs, in finding the color and overall style of navigation systems. We take into account new technologies and the possibility of their use in a particular facility.

We have our own production, which allows reducing costs and fulfilling orders under pressure of time. Professional assemblers performing the most difficult works, taking into account the object architecture, work with us at the stage of implementation.

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