Complex exhibition project “Moscow seasons”

Клиент: Moscow City Government

Площадь: 160 sq.m

Площадка: VDNKh, Moscow

Год: 2016

Description of project

On September, 12th at the Urban land improvement forum “Urban environment improvement is the national development priority” our company presented the complex exhibition project “Moscow seasons”. The project, created for Moscow City government, was carried out in the shortest time possible.

During two weeks the specialists of the “Design Dossier”

  • Developed the exclusive exhibition boost design with the area of 160 sq.m.
  • Developed the software, 12 videos
  • Developed the design and produced presentation polygraphs and promotional merchandising  materials
  • Carried out the construction, provided technical support and organization maintenance of the boost.

Moscow City Government boost was a symbol of a Moscow well-equipped urban area, where different festivals, attracting a lot of tourists and entertaining Moscow citizens, take place in all seasons.

The boost area was separated according to the seasons; in winter zone you could find a skating rink, a Christmas tree and an ice hole with the talking fish, speaking about the “Moscow Seasons” festival.

Floral diversity of spring turned into the summer colors intensity. The bike as the symbol of summer ideal means of transport and park benches in the style of the capital design created a unique cozy mood, rare for exhibition boosts.

Autumn was represented as a Moscow café, where you could just have a seat, drink a cup of coffee and taste legendary cake “Moscow”.

However, the center of the main interest was not the café with the cake, but the interactive clock: the clock-face was divided into four seasons, and the turning of the pointers put into action the video wall (sized 9×3 meters) content. By putting the pointer on a season, you could get the information about festivals, which took place in Moscow during that period of time.

Design concept


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