Exhibition stand with the kinetic installation “EXPO-2030”

Клиент: Moscow City Government

Площадь: 36 sq.m.

Площадка: EXPO 2030 Dubai

Год: 2022

Description of project

The kinetic installation in the Russian pavilion at EXPO 2030 Dubai is a unique combination of entertainment, informational and interactive components. The motto of the installation “Open your heart to Moscow” is visualized through rotating mirror and LED screen modules as well as motion capturing devices that allow interaction between rotating patterns, video content and the spectators. The video accompanied by the dynamic movement of modules describe the potential of the Russian capital to host EXPO in 2030. Reflecting the guests of the pavilion and its interior design, the mirror sides of the modules refer to the fact that the most important part of any EXPO is its participants and visitors.
By switching the operation mode of the installation, one can activate 3D videos or interactive modes that allow to influence the video content and rotation of modules with motion capture.

Design Concept





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