Exclusive exhibition stand Yandex Ads, WN Conference Tel Aviv’22

Клиент: Yandex Ads

Площадь: 36 sq.m.

Площадка: Tel Aviv

Год: 2022

Description of project

While creating the architectural concept and design of the Yandex Ads exhibition stand at WN Conference, we were inspired by the Bauhaus style for a reason. The business conference for the gaming industry was held in Tel Aviv, where, the ideas of the Bauhaus found their full-fledged embodiment: the white city includes more than 4,000 buildings in this architectural style.

Minimalism, clear geometric lines, practicality of the booth space were a priority for our designers. Interiors in the Bauhaus style are characterized primarily by utmost functionality and minimalism, open spaces, straightforward geometric shapes. Based on the idea of ​simplicity and accessibility, the booth design allows you to focus on the most important – the services of Yandex Ads.

The openness and accessibility of space also supports the concept of Yandex’s advertising services: maximum functionality, ease of use, and transparency. This way we designed the exhibition stand that followed the basic principles of the Bauhaus style in its overall concept.

Apart from architectural concept and design, our company also carried out the construction and tech support of the project.

Concept Design


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