Exclusive exhibition stand Yandex, HighLoad++ Armenia

Клиент: Yandex

Площадь: 64 sq.m.

Площадка: Yerevan, Armenia

Год: 2022

Description of project

While developing the design concept of Yandex exhibition stand at HighLoad++ Armenia conference, we chose to reflect the character of the brand through visual solutions. Light and laconic design characterizes Yandex as a modern and technologically advanced company in unity with its range of services.

The holistic design style, bright branding elements emphasize diversity, simplicity and convenience of Yandex services, that cater to the individual needs of their users. United by the style, each service had its own dedicated area with thematic activities and its own branding.

Apart from architectural concept, Design Dossier carried out the construction and tech support of the project.

Concept Design


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