Multimedia systems for exhibitions

  • technical equipment and support during the exhibition:
  • development of software for the demonstration at the exhibition;
  • development of video content (videos, multimedia presentations, etc.);
  • creation of interactive models and installations;
  • development of program and multimedia content;
  • development of software;
  • development of the navigation system (design and layout of navigation media, their layout, design of a 3D-chart of an event;
  • technical equipment of the exhibition with multimedia facilities;
  • creation of an Internet network (wi-fi or cable);
  • technical equipment and support during the exhibition or event.

Multimedia systems in the exhibition industry during major events are a necessary component to engage and hold visitors.

A spatial design solution attracts initial attention, stimulates visual perception. But today it is not enough to construct an expensive and beautiful stand to distinguish from other participants in a major exhibition.

What to do next? How to hold visitors and meet their expectations?

Only the interactive content and high-tech ways of its presentation.

Interactive multi-zone media systems (IMZS) is a combined product that unites multimedia content, software and interactive equipment. Multimedia systems based on interactive solutions are used to implement complex exhibition projects, for business and social events and promotion activities.

Solutions based on the concept of multimedia systems should be used in areas where there is a need to convey a great deal of information to a user in a short time, obtaining details about the extent of his or her involvement and contact database for further feedback.

Over the past three years, we have implemented more than 10 projects in the development and creation of multimedia systems of different complexity, including projects, in which the number of co-exhibitors within a single space was more than 70.

Each project is unique and is a result of team work, which includes managers, marketing experts, architects, engineers, programmers, designers, developers, development and technical support team.

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Complex exhibition projects
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