Complex exhibition booth for the Moscow City Government, MUF-2018

Клиент: Правительство Москвы

Площадь: 50 кв.м.

Площадка: Московский урбанистический форум, Концертный зал "Зарядье"

Год: 2018

Description of project

Our new cjmplex exhibition  booth for the Moscow City Government at the Moscow Urban Forum held in “Zaryadye” concert hall.

While designing the booth for the Moscow City Government, we developed a platform available to everyone, which illustrates that Moscow has an innovative digital space designed so that city residents could live comfortably. This conceptual foundation perfectly corresponds with the MUF-2018 slogan: “Metropolises of the Future. New Living Spaces”.

Visitors could see a 360-degree image of the city on a large 10-meter wide screen with a multi -zoom option.

Design concept



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