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As it is known, a person receives information using five channels of perception. Data of research of perception features have shown that a person remembers:

  • 10% of what he or she read;
  • 20% of what he or she heard;
  • 70% of what he or she said,
  • 80% of what he or she saw;
  • 90% of what he or she did.

In addition, survey findings show that an exhibition visitor, walking down the aisle of the exhibition hall, spends about 5 seconds to make a decision about whether to approach the stand, or to keep moving. It’s only 5 seconds – and this solution is 80% based on the visual perception.

Based on this, professionals need to come up with a visual solution for space, which will provide an initial advantage in a competitive environment. To do this, you need to create an architectural design solution that will:

  • instantly attract attention;
  • stand out from the general visual “information noise”;
  • interest;
  • display the overall concept and theme of an event.

Development of architectural, design solutions, objects design, as well as interaction design are basic professional fields of activity of Design Dossier, as it is the primary task, which determines the outcome and efficiency of solving business tasks of our customers.

Designers, architects, specialists in the field of environmental design, developers – this is our team of experienced professionals who solve any problem in the design and development of both temporarily erected and permanent facilities.



Design of an exclusive exhibition booth for Moscow City Government at the international exhibition Hannover Messe 2015

You may ask, what is the difference between the development and design?

Despite the fact that “design” also has the meaning of the “development”, these words are not synonyms. Of course, developers and designers solve a common task – what the final product will be and what kind of reaction it will cause in the target audience. The main task of developers, architects and designers is to create such design solutions, in which the form and content will be harmoniously combined.

Design is a development stage, which is responsible for the emotional side of the object. That is, the style and attraction.

Development solves fundamental technical, psychological, conceptual problems of the interaction between a user and an object, comfort, durability, reliability and efficiency of use. The result of the development activity is a set of documents required for the creation of an object, its operation, to verify the intermediate and final solutions, on the basis of which the project was developed.

We offer various forms of cooperation for our customers, including for construction and exhibition companies, developing for them exclusive design and engineering solutions and providing services in the field of architectural supervision at the implementation stage of these projects.

We work on projects for our customers from scratch and up to the final development and implementation of architectural supervision and technical support. The most important thing is a clear understanding of customer’s marketing objectives and business tasks. After receiving technical specifications, experts of our company take care of all the stages of work – from the appearance of the spatial environment to the construction of facilities. Sketches, 3D models, design and technical documentation, coordination, selection of appropriate materials and technologies, implementation – our customer gets a fully implemented project, established in strict compliance with a marketing plan.

Perfection in detail is the basic principle of our work, which we follow at all stages – from the first sketches to the implementation and development. We use only the most advanced technologies, innovative solutions in the field of design, architecture and development.

Our task is to create a harmony of form and content, as even great architect Le Corbusier said that harmony is the result of complete correspondence between cause and effect.

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