Complex exhibition projects

Complex exhibition projects are one of the strategic activities of Design Dossier Company. We carry out “turnkey” projects – the customer gets a fully implemented project and its technical support. We guarantee professional supervision and performance of set tasks in strict accordance with the customer’s business objectives at all stages of the work.

Survey findings show that an exhibition visitor, walking down the aisle of the exhibition hall, spends about 5 seconds to make a decision about whether to approach the booth or to keep moving.

It’s only 5 seconds  and this solution is 80% based on the visual perception.

But if you managed to entice a visitor to the booth, you need to meet his/her expectations, and here you face an even more difficult task – to keep a person at the stand for as long as possible. To do this, you need:

  • to interest,
  • to engage in interaction,
  • to hold,
  • to trigger emotions.

The greatest danger that lies in wait for you here is disappointing the visitor. Falling for an attention-getting design of the exhibition space, he or she has certain expectations. And if the booth content does not comply with its form, the visitor is lost to you.

Our company specializes in the development of complex exhibition projects, as in this case, we can guarantee our customers a clear fulfillment of business objectives, thanks to the harmonious combination of the form and content of the exhibition space.

Stages of creation of complex exhibition projects

  • We start work on the complex exhibition projects with a detailed marketing analysis of tasks that need to be addressed.
  • We identify the target audience.
  • We determine the best ways to display and multimedia content for each item of exposition.
  • We develop architectural and technical concept of the project.
  • We create multimedia content.
  • We carry out the development.
  • We provide technical support throughout the event.

We always combine customer requests with functionality parameters of the stand, its location at the exhibition site, its concept, stylistic trends and price.

The scope of work we undertake

Each of our projects is unique and is a result of team work, which includes managers, marketing experts, architects, engineers, programmers, designers, developers, development and technical support team.

We will develop and implement for you a complex exhibition project, which will be unique and focused on the presentation and advertising of your brand/service/product.

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Complex exhibition projects
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